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EID Themes for 2016-2017

The third Tuesday of each month is the Electronic Image Division competition. This coming year there will be three Categories: EID Open, EID Monochrome, and Theme.

A different Theme is set for each of the 9 EID competitions from September through May. These Themes change each month from year to year. The Themes for 2016/2017 are listed below. You can also find the Theme for each month on the Club Calendar.


Photographic Themes for 2016-2017





Find or create an image where the surface of an object is the subject of the photograph or obviously contributes to the impact of the image.




Use your imagination to create an image using a mirror and its reflection.



Macro of water:

Here is an opportunity to practice macro or very close-up photography and create an unusual image of water using its many forms.



Highway or Road:

Create an image using a highway or road to illustrate compositional elements of leading lines, curves, or perspective.



Night Shooting:

Experiment with creating light drawing, light painting, neon lights at night, or lights reflecting on wet pavement.



Camera Movement:

Deliberately swing, tilt, pan, or push the camera or zoom the lens while making an exposure to create different effects on the image,




Find or create an image where the viewer has no doubt that color is the subject of the photograph. A box of crayons or colored pencils might be an example.




Get up at the crack of Dawn to photography the sun as it begins the day or stay up to get the sun as it leaves the sky.



+/- Exposure:

Deliberately over expose a shot to create a high-key effect or deliberately under expose a shot to create a low-key effect.