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  • John Craig - Saturday 2 December 2017 13:53
    Great detail in the dark hair. I love that I can see his eye.
  • John Craig - Saturday 2 December 2017 13:52
    Chicago has a great sky line
  • Rick Battson - Tuesday 25 July 2017 18:58
    Columbia River Gorge Windsurfers July 2017
  • Rick Battson - Friday 26 August 2016 18:55
    Lower Tipsoo-- Alpine Lake Field trip in August 2016
  • Frank Woodbery - Wednesday 22 June 2016 14:48
    Great environmental portrait of a rancher. Like the lighting/tonality and his expression and gesture. The wear and tear of the clothing seems genuinely worn and authentic, not a prop.
  • Don Funderburg - Tuesday 19 January 2016 18:59
    The sun was just about to go down at Monument Valley, AZ. I actually took a somewhat long exposure to get as much detail as I did.
  • Don Funderburg - Tuesday 19 January 2016 18:58
    This pictures is a composite for sure. Spotted this horse on the highway from Bandon, OR to Gold Beach further South. We turned around and found a small place to take pictures of the horse looking to his left. Later that day while in Gold Beach I spotted this man walking on the side walk. I asked him if I could take his picture. I married them up and put a few other touches on the image.
  • Don Funderburg - Tuesday 19 January 2016 18:53
    My second attempt at space pictures. The biggest problem was the use of a light ray from the flashlight.
  • Don Funderburg - Tuesday 19 January 2016 18:50
    Half way through the day the train stopped so we could have lunch. I was allowed to get up in the cab and take pictures. I spotted this guage surrounded by three valves. I was able to get some real brass look out of the guage face and reds on the three valves.
  • Don Funderburg - Tuesday 19 January 2016 18:47
    We were on a photographers only train done only on one weekend near Baker Oregon. We got on the train and the sun was just barely coming up. We were let off the train and then it would back up even further, stop and then come by with all the steam and black smoke bellowing up. As it passed and headed into the sun I got this great picture. It was also interesting how crooked the tracks were.